Tarkash Band

As they say, a Band’s major element is the Vocalist. Tarkash proudly possess a self trained Semi Classical Singer Parth, who started his singing at the age of 6. With time, his passionate Vocal Skills were more polished after he pursued a training in Classical Singing. He is one of those few Vocalists who is supremely comfortable with a Sufi ­influenced rendition and can hold his own with a Western Pop/Rock composition. Not only is his god gifted voice the Band’s most prized possession, but being genre-agnostic and open to new sounds/experiences, means he has a lot of tricks up his ‘Tarkash’ to make sure the audience is entertained. With his soulful ad­libs and lyrical genius, he fittingly represents the dynamic sound of Tarkash.

Parth Sharma (Tarkash Band) Booking Open Now: ,  or +91 98106-40237